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About us

AFK is a producer of canned soup and vegetable meals located in Russian Federation since 2004. Russia is one of the world’s leader in soup consumption, that’s why producing of qualitative soups and meals is very important goal. Our family business is achieving this goal with great help of local farmer’s community and unique climatic condition of our home region — Republic of Khakassia.

Goncharov family — founders of AFKGoncharov family — founders of AFK

Variety of our dishes is a basis of traditional Russian cuisine. The flavors of our Russian Borscht, other famous soups, picklings and salads are well-known for everyone who consider himself as Russian. We proudly produce canned soups and vegetable meals. Through the glass jar you can see a higher quality of product — the reason for our consumers’ acknowledgement

AFK ready to serve Canned vegetableOur canned vegetables meals are ready to serve


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Leonid Goncharov

Commercial Director

+7 (391) 989-52-53 Add. 301


Olga Oreshchenko

Leading client-manager

+7 (391) 989-52-53 Add. 303